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Chadha & Chadha IP

An Intellectual Property Firm

IP Law Firm in Bangalore, Mumbai (India)


Chadha & Chadha IP is an Intellectual Property Firm based in New Delhi with 10 offices in India. The practice traces its history to 1967 and has evolved for over four decades into becoming one of India's most prominent IP Firms.


Chadha & Chadha IP is a Patent & Trademark Agency. The Firm stands for highest quality of work in all aspects of Intellectual Property, including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Plant Varieties, Emerging IPs, Licensing and transactional IP. The Firm has deep strength in diverse technical fields including Automotive, Mechanical, Machinery, Electronics, Telecom, Communications, IT, Material Sciences, Metallurgy, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Aerospace engineering.

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